Technology & Innovation Business Strategy

Advanced technology trends are transforming the world. The risk of disruption brings with it significant opportunities. Optimacy provides companies with the knowledge, tools and resources needed to capture and adapt to new digitization opportunities. Our approach consists of analysis that aids firms to set the basis for strategy development that is consistent with global trends, client needs and competitors’ activities and assess current capabilities and gaps. We then initiate the design of a successful digitization strategy.

Private Equity Fund for Technology Firms

With our resources and capital, Optimacy currently invests in digitally disruptive companies led by talented, creative and driven entrepreneurs with distinct perspective. We are a value-added social impact investor, contributing practiced, professional and proficient expertise and multi-level support to assist companies realize their full potential. Our investment approach is anchored by a solid capital base and experience in structuring digitally-oriented transactions, and proven management practices that yield flexibility and opportunity.

C.S.R focused on Technology

Corporate social responsibility with Optimacy creates business value while promoting positive social change. We help our clients create corporate social value by helping you to define a vision. Then, we evaluate how well the programs fit with your current products, services and processes and strive to promote your business as well as your business practices. We then launch strong and monitor, to create awareness and implement your initiatives effectively. Next, we consider your customers' needs, preferences, then evaluate in the context of meeting your customers' needs. Lastly, we use CSR to enhance talent recruitment to attract enthusiastic, educated, and talented employees who value your initiatives and philosophies.